The Not So Fun Part

Getting food ready for this adventure is Not fun. I have an entire spreadsheet devoted to food.

I have decided to do mail drops for the first month of this trip (500 miles). After that,  Hugh will either mail me food or I will buy it in towns along the A.T.  The easiest meal is Mountain House dehydrated meals. You just pour boiling water into the bag and voila! Yummy food. Unfortunately you pay for the convenience – it is expensive! I have decided to do Mountain House about every other day and do Knorr’s Pasta sides on the others, with mashed potatoes thrown in about once a week. Yes, mashed potatoes with some bacon bits IS the meal.

Everything is made is bags. No cooking in a pot! No cleaning! With the Mountain House their bag is made for you to pour water into it. Easy Peasy. With the Knorr’s and the mashed potatoes I repack them into freezer bags and you can pour the hot water into those.

I am thinking a normal day will go like this….Get up and go! About an hour on the trail eat Poptarts. Then during the day for snacks or lunch eat my crackers and peanut butter, 2 Snickers, and cookies. Then for supper my bag meal, finishing off with some hot cocoa! When I hit a trail town I will be eating lots of fruit and protein. I know this menu sounds pretty horrid but it is in line with what most thru hikers eat.

One thought on “The Not So Fun Part

  1. Your food choices don’t sound horrid, they just don’t seem like they’ll be filling enough (i.e., stick to your bones). I’m sure you know better than anyone what will or won’t sustain you. On the other hand, you can’t carry steaks with you either. Ha! If you could I’d go. Haha!!
    MH foods are excellent. They have much to choose from as well. The monotony that could come from a lack of a variety of foods to eat could put me in a bad mood. I hope you won’t be affected by that. You’ll definitely be overloading on carbs and that’s great but when you get to town and you’re starving for protein, try to keep your fingers out of the way!! 😆

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