Day 46 – Summer Solstice Surprise

One can never have enough socks,” Albus Dumbledore

Miles hiked 20.2.

Started my hike at 5:45 AM. Today is the summer solstice. This is traditionally known as hike naked day on the Appalachian Trail. I would not be participating.

Let’s talk rocks.

You have four major types of rocks that concern me. First your boulders where you jump from one huge rock to the next rock-that’s called fun in my book. I enjoy bouldering.

The next kind is a rock field. It’s like when the mountain gave away and just dumped a whole bunch of rocks in front of you and there’s no ground to see. These fields you have to move slowly through because many of the rocks are loose and your ankle can go at any time.

Then you have strewn rocks on the trail. These can be packed tightly together or spread  loosely about. You weave in and out all day long placing your foot where it will do the least amount of damage. There is no way, I repeat no way to avoid all the rocks. Sometimes you just go with the lesser of the evils.

Then there’s this baby! This little sucker buried in the ground with a pointy end sticking up is the downfall of many hikers, especially this one. Sometimes you don’t see the point and you come down on it-ouch! Sometimes the brain does not register how tall it is and you trip on these time after time, until your toes feel like raw hamburger.

Then the sun comes into play! It shines through the trees and throws lights on to some rocks. It makes it harder to see where to place your foot. The shadows just throw you off.

OK enough about rocks let’s get onto the beauty of the Appalachian Trail. This is Auburn Lookout it was one of the very few vistas today but it was gorgeous. By this time I had met up with the hiker called Prima and he was kind enough to take my picture.

This is Prima. I have met him before and we had a nice four hours together. He kept a quick pace and made my day go by faster.

As Prima and I were hiking along this little woodchuck was on the trail. We followed him for about 10 feet and then I asked Prima if I can get ahead of him so I could get a picture. I hurried closer to the woodchuck and he turned around I clicked his picture and then he came after me. I jumped off trail and then he went after Prima.

Soon after we parted ways with the woodchuck we came across an even scarier animal… A NAKED HIKER!

I could not believe my eyes. I said you have more guts than I do to the naked hiker, then ask if I could take his picture. He said sure and started to turn and I said no no no you are fine just how you are. I ask his name, but I cannot remember it.

Then I hiked into the town of Port Clinton. I just skirted it so I did not see much of the town.

The trail did take me under this lovely underpass. The places we go!

Finally I arrived to where Hugh had parked. I learned there was something else I could do with my favorite beverage. The cold cans feel I was so good on my feet. My darn tough socks are making my feet break out in a rash. Must be allergic to the wool in them. So Hugh and I went to Cabela’s and bought me new socks!

Ready for tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Day 46 – Summer Solstice Surprise

  1. Oh, poor feet! They look tired and sore. Oh, my! That would be awkward to run into a naked man in the middle of the woods! Hope the new socks help your feet.

  2. This was definitely a day with a change in scenery-can’t imagine hiking with no clothes – I would have way too much jiggling going on. Bouldering could result in a black eye as a certain body part would wack me in the eye. Or have that saggy body part scrape across rocks as I would try to climb-my arms are not long enough to counteract the effect gravity has had on my body. imagine if the woodchuck got a hold of some of those exposed parts-Ouch!

    Loved the explanation of the various rocks. Hopefully they will be behind you soon.

    What is up with the rash. Haven’t you been wearing the darn tough socks from the beginning. Maybe it is the combination of the heat and the wool. Or maybe you are just a delicate flower that needs some pampering. Whatever is causing it, I hope you find a solution soon.

    Looking forward to seeing Hugh and you in a week. Your body is due a rest. Based on my calculations you have been averaging 20 miles a day and have not taken a day off in over a week and you don’t have one scheduled until you head back for the wedding. You definitely have determination and are enjoying what you are doing. You are the Girl On Fire!

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