Stalking is such a strong word! I prefer “Checking Up On Janet!”

Be Prepared! – Boy Scouts of America

This little gem is the Spot Gen3 and I bought it to give my family peace of mind. I works off batteries and has the ability to track me at 10 minute intervals. I am unsure how long the batteries will last so I probably won’t turn it on all the time. But when I do, I have the ability to send them a message (not receive) no matter where I am. The Spot works off GPS satellites, so no cell service is needed. It has a SOS button, that if pushed, probably means there are helicopters and rescuers in my future. (Extremely low chance that will ever happen.) You have to lift the black tab and the SOS button is under it so it can not be pushed accidentally.

Across from the SOS button is another button under a tab and it is another help button(two hands reaching) that sends a message to the Hubster and Hill. It is a pre-written message and it is set to say “I need help but this is NOT a life threatening emergency!” That ought to get their blood flowing. I don’t plan on using this one either, nevertheless it is nice to know it is there.

That leaves the three buttons across the bottom. The middle one tells the Spot to track me and place pins on the map. The map can be viewed by clicking the “Where is Janet Now?” link on the right-hand side of the blog.  So far I have tested it only in front and behind the house. The button with the Check Mark is the Everything is ok check-in button. When I press it, it sends a pre-written message, “Done for day! At camp/motel/hostel safe and sound.” to people on the list and places a pin on the map. The last button is a custom message. It works just like the OK button, just sends a different pre-written message. I am having a hard time coming up with what I want it to say. Here are a few that people have suggested…

Did not make it as far as I’d hoped…but safe and set up for the night.
Raining hard today but I’m pushing through.
Holed up in my tent because it is raining!
All is good! I’m at the top of another mountain!

If you have a good suggestion let me know!

The spot is 4.7 ounces with the carabiner that attaches it to my pack. However, I think the weight will be worth it for my family’s peace of mind.


4 thoughts on “Stalking is such a strong word! I prefer “Checking Up On Janet!”

  1. You asked for suggestions- here ya go… ?

    Just finished my weekly meal in town and now I’m in Nirvana. No texts for awhile please. ?

    Just finished my weekly shower in town. Back in Nirvana. ? No texts just now please.

    The sights are spectacular. Sending pictures later.

    Happier than a new born tick on a fat hound.

    Happier than a gopher in soft dirt.

    Just finished killing my second bear for the day but otherwise doing great. (Meaning hard day but still hanging tough)

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