Day 45 – Sore Feet, Nothing New

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.-Navy Seal

Miles hiked today 21.

Started today at 6:40 AM. Hugh drop me off and I immediately started to climb. The trail was over grown in many sections and I felt like I used my trekking poles more for clearing the way and helping me along for the first hour..

The trail was also wet this morning after that big storm we had yesterday. I was so lucky I was already done for the day by the time that baby hit! The storm cleared the humidity out of the air and the morning was beautifully cool and wonderful for walking.

This morning offered a little bit of everything in the way of terrain. I had some boulders to climb over, some rocky parts, and a country road that I got to walk down for a while.

And along the way I had some great vistas.

I had lunch at this one.

There was a sea of ferns on the ridge it went on forever.

I saw my first human at noon today. It had been a very solitary morning with just me and the rocks. I saw a second guy setting up a tent away from the trail about an hour later and that was it for humans. It was just me and the rocks.

The saga of the shoes continues. I don’t think they are too small.  I think it was a toenail that was a little ingrown. I wore the new shoes all today and they did pretty good. My feet are still sore because of all the rocks. I’m trying not to complain because I know the rocks get worse and I want to save the complaining until later. (Grin)

The skies were beautiful today. Plus there was a gentle breeze almost all day long that made hiking a joy. But it also brought out the birds. I don’t know what kind they were and I think there were different kinds, but the birds were soaring on the thermals.

Over and over they would dip and soar. It was like they were having fun.

At the end of my hike I came across this marker. It commemorates a look out post of the French and Indian war-pretty cool!

Finally when my day was done Hugh was waiting for me at the trail head. We walked to the camper and my feet have been up since I walked in the door!

Tired but happy.

One thought on “Day 45 – Sore Feet, Nothing New

  1. Almost did not recognize you in the first picture with your hair down. Quite different from Greta Garbo from yesterday. Your face looks thin. Have you lost a lot of weight? If so, don’t worry because It found its way onto my body. If I could give it back to you, I would gladly do that.

    I think it is odd that you are not seeing anyone. Are you coming onto the trail not near campsites and finishing early in the afternoon so you are not crossing paths with people. I imagine people would not choose to day hike PA with all the rocks. But I would still think you would see several people during the day that are thru hiking.

    You are still smiling so the rocks haven’t got the best of you. Only a few more days in PA and then it will be behind you. Make sure Hugh gives you a foot massage. Your feet deserve some pampering!

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