My New Normal

On a long journey even a straw weighs heavy. -Spanish Proverb

February was my planned starting point to start carrying my backpack on walks. Today I loaded up and stepped on the scale — a whopping 21 pounds stared back at me. That was with food and water. I think that is my new normal.

The Hubster dropped me off at the trailhead this morning and I did my first walk with loaded pack. I put in 9 miles in about 3 hours. I stopped once to have a sit down and enjoy a Snickers bar.

It was a nice day for a hike – 43 degrees and overcast. Tomorrow I hit the gym and then back walking on Thursday.

When I start the Appalachian Trail EVERYBODY says start slow. No more than 10 miles per day the first week. Let your body get use to it. There is no doubt that the A.T. will be harder than hiking in Kansas 🙂 so i doubt I will average 3 mph – I am hoping for a solid 2 to 2.5 mph. The plan is to average 15 miles a day after the first week – but you know what they say. People plan…God laughs.

Weighing every ounce,

2 thoughts on “My New Normal

  1. (Serious stuff)
    Averaging 2-2.5mph should get you down the trail 15 miles each day giving you 2+ extra daylight hours for camp tear down, camp site finding and set up. Sounds like a solid plan 👍🏼

    After you put some mileage and time behind you, I bet you’ll be able to average 18-21 miles per day.

    (Fun stuff)
    You’re a beast! Or at least well on the way! 👍🏼
    When do you expect to start your UFC career? 😎

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