I am a Gearhead!

“#optoutside” – REI advertising slogan

In planning a long hike, it becomes all about the ounces. Weight is the enemy! I have spent countless hours scouring the internet, comparing reviews and companies websites looking for the gear that I will need for my journey. As of today I think I have everything with the exception of rain pants.

Below is the list of everything that I will be taking on my hike excluding the clothes I will have on and the food and water I will pack. Right now I am weighing in at a smidgen over 14 pounds. I am trying to keep total weight under 20 pounds. Water will weigh about 2.5 pounds and food will take me up to 20.

Backpack Gossamer Gear Mariposa31.7
Tent ZPacks Duplex + Stakes24.2
Sleeping Bag ZPacks 10 Degree22.6
Sleeping Pad -Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Women's11.8
Stove/Fuel - Jetboil Flashlite + Spoon20.0
Food Bag-Odor Bags-Rope06.3
Water Filter - Sawyer03.0
Water Bag - Platypus 70oz01.3
Water Bottle - Smart Water Bottle01.7
First Aid (Band aids, cloth tape, pills, moleskin,etc)06.4
Misc (knife, earplugs, stick pic, head lamp, remote)03.6
Toiletries bag (toothbrush, floss, boldyglide, etc)10.0
Misc (Repair Tape, bug net, bug spray)03.6
Potty Bag (Toilet paper, sanitizer, trowel)06.7
Electronics (Phone, cords, extra battery, headset)27.6
Clothing Bag01.4
Rain Coat07.7
Rain Pants
Insulating Jacket06.4
Waterproof gloves (Disposable medical gloves)00.8
2 pairs of socks03.4
Camp Shoes - Teva Flip Flops05.3
PJ top -Smartwool Microweight Crew Long Sleeve04.1
PJ bottom - Smartwool Microweight Bottoms04.1
Trash Compactor Bag to "waterproof" backpack01.0
Total Number of ounces without food or water224.4
Total Number of pounds without food or water14

Every time I think about adding something, I talk myself out of it. The same clothes will be worn everyday. They will get washed about once a week when I hit towns. No make-up, no mirrors, no curling iron, no pillow. Nothing that is not essential. My one exception is an extra battery pack for my phone. I will use my phone to keep in touch, to blog, take pictures, check the app for the trail, listen to music and books. I thought the extra battery would be worth it.

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    1. Coffee would be part of food. Still I am not sure I am going to take any. Makes me want to lull around in the morning instead of getting up and going!

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