Family First – Time Off the Trail

For the next 9 to 10 days I will be off the trail. My niece Natalie is getting married and Hugh and I want to be there. The wedding is in Colorado.

Also my granddaughter is the flower girl at the wedding! It’s hard to say just who I am looking forward to coming down the aisle more, Violet for Natalie. 

We will be leaving RV in Kansas City along with the dogs, before heading to Colorado. I will pick up some new trail runners shoes and we will get some stuff done that needs done. 

I would like to thank everyone who comments on the blog. It is hugely rewarding to the blogger when people comment. There is nothing worse than publishing a blog and hearing nothing from Everyone. Although I do do this as a journal for myself to remember what happened – knowing other people are enjoying it is very uplifting.

Happy trails everyone!

3 thoughts on “Family First – Time Off the Trail

  1. Have a safe trip, and enjoy the wedding! I have enjoyed your and Hugh’s blogs immensely and so grateful the two have shared your amazing experiences! I think it is a wonderful thing that the two of you have found a way to be supportive of each other, and enjoy this endeavor (each in your own way) together! I will look forward to your return to the trail!

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