4 thoughts on “Done! Over 5,000,000 Steps Later

  1. So extremely proud of you! You are 1 of only 12,000 people that have done this! That means only .00003714% of the US population has done what you just did! What a huge accomplishment! You go Sister!

  2. Congratulations! Rest well. Will look forward to hearing how this experience has affected you. What you learned about yourself, others and everything. So very fun to have followed along with you.

    Rest. Celebrate! Celebrate Again! And Again!

  3. What an accomplishment! I have grown so accustomed to and have enjoyed reading your and Hugh’s blog’s. I will miss them. I am so grateful that you shared your journey! I hope we haven’t heard the last of it! I am so proud of you, and I think it is such a blessing, that you and Hugh have the kind of love and bond, that you both were able to find a way to support each other so you could both enjoy this experience in your own way!

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