Day 97 & 98 – Maine Mountains 

Because in the end, your won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that damn mountain. – Jack Kerouac

Miles hiked 32.2

First off let me just say the weatherman is always wrong up here! Today started out OK but soon the weather changed. Our “sunny” day was a cold rainy, rainy day.

I hiked again with Timeless and enjoy the company. Plus she gives perspective in pictures on some of the trail. We had heard over and over by South bounders how hard Maine was. We were prepared for the worst and we have found the best. It has been a wonderful trail in Maine 

We waited an entire day so we could climb Saddleback Mountain and see the views. This is what we got-this is the summit of Saddleback Mountain.

As the day wore on the clouds lifted some, but you can see how they are hovering over the peaks of the mountains.

By the time we reached Saddleback Mountain Junior we had some views. I love the fact that there are two skulls on the mountaintop.

Then it was time to go down. With wet rocks going down is always a challenge. There were many slips that day. 

The Appalachian Trail in Maine is known for not having any bridges. Most of the other states put bridges over larger streams, not in Maine. You either have to hop on rocks, or ford the river. 

Our goal for the day was to reach the Spalding Mountain Lean-to. They do not call them shelters in Maine they call them lean-tos.

It was my first and last time of sleeping in a shelter. Evidently I am a light sleeper because every movement by the other hikers in the shelter woke me up. Plus the fact that thermorest mattresses are noisy anyway – when you put four of them in a shelter it’s a no brainer that someone is always moving. I did sleep but woke up about seven times. 

When morning arrived I got to use the privy. The five steps up make it seem grand, but believe me it was not.

What was Grand was the weather… Finally!  We had 14 miles to reach the RV.

Below you can see they put up a 2 x 6 to get us over the water. We heard Maine had no bridges I think this is as close as they come.

We had some steep uphill’s but nothing too drastic. It was another wonderful walk in the woods.

It is the end of blueberry season. But there are still some on the bushes and it’s always nice to stop and pick a few.

Our last mountain of the day was North Crocker mountain. We started off with Spalding Mountain, then Sugarloaf and finally South Crocker before our last one of North Crocker Mountain.

I’m not sure if it was because of my interrupted night sleep or just the miles I put under my feet, but today I was tired. It was good to be done for the day and hit the RV.

One thought on “Day 97 & 98 – Maine Mountains 

  1. Wish the weather would cooperate a bit more. Glad You are on an easier stretch of the trail. Still looks difficult but not overwhelming. Congratulations on hitting the 2000 mile mark. Less than 200 to go. It is hard to believe in a couple of weeks you will be at Katahdin.

    Stay safe my friend.

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