Day 96 – The Weatherman is Always Wrong

Weather forecast for tonight: dark. – George Carlin

Unlike George Carlin The weather forecast we looked at was incorrect. Today was supposed to be a full day of rain. It was not. The sun shone all day.  And we zeroed. 

This next hiking day is the last hiking day above tree line, until we reach Katahdin, and we wanted to see the view. So we did not hike today because of the forecast. Yes it was a mistake, but a nice one. 

Instead of sitting in the RV all day, I was able to sit in a lawnchair and enjoy the sunshine. We got laundry, shopping, and some errands done. 

Tomorrow I’ll strap on the backpack once again and tent in the woods overnight. There’s a 32 mile stretch between where Hugh drops us off and where he will pick us up. Timeless will be hiking with me. 

I have been enjoying Maine. Tomorrow looks like one of the hardest days of hiking in the state of Maine. We have some mountains to climb before we hit the flat stretch of the 100 mile wilderness. 

Taking it easy,

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