Day 8 – Bear Meat

“Of all the paths, you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” – John Muir
Miles hiked today 16.2. Total miles hiked 97.3. 

Today was Standing Bear Mountain, and let me tell you… I made it bear meat! It had a many switchbacks which helped.  We started walking around 8am.

The rhododendron are greening out, but no blooms yet.  Many many many were affected by the fire.

On our way to Standing Bear Mountain we came across Chunky Gal Trail – had to get a picture!

Once again I want to mention the wonderful volunteer work done by the trail and hiking clubs here in the mountains. Every time a tree falls across the trail it doesn’t take them long to get a chainsaw up here to remove it. And believe me a lot of trees fall across the trail.

I thought this was pretty cool they used to fallen log to make a bridge.

Following the white blazes is what I do every day. Walk walk walk. Mom do you see the Wolf?

Mark was having some problems with his knee today, so I let him try out my Pacer poles. He liked them! They make going downhill easier. So glad I bought them.

The fire really affected many many of the rhododendron. It’s like walking through a ghost town sometimes.

This is Juergen passing a stream.  We also stopped and got water here.   Everybody is loving my SteriPEN. They all borrow it. Cost me nothing since it’s rechargeable. That makes me popular.

This next picture will you give you an idea why you do not look up. Roots and rocks are everywhere!

Anytime I pass a large log that’s the right height – I sit. I’m usually out in front, so when the others come, I get up. I think I take more rest than they do since I hike faster, it all works out.

About 2 miles before we hit camp there was the most amazing vista. The picture does not do it justice.

Then it was time to set up the tent and cook some dinner. Tonight was chicken noodles with stuffing. I have to say I am extremely pleased with my appointment. The tent is excellent. Easy to set up and take down. Sleeping bag keeps me warm. Backpack is working perfectly and my stove does the job!

Well, I did not have phone service tonight will send this as soon as can.

Keep those comments coming in I read them all!

4 thoughts on “Day 8 – Bear Meat

  1. Bear meat? I don’t get it! Lol!

    Last night you didn’t send us the “I’m done for the day” text. Don’t forget to do that so we don’t worry! Doesn’t it work via satellite?

    Sleeping better with your pillow? Keep on keep’in on!

  2. Hi love, I really look forward to reading about you every day. Yesterday it was very late when your blog came thru. We were all wondering why. Thought maybe you were just too tired. I did not even think about there being no service.
    However, I was probably the first to read it as I was awake very late. (Or early).
    Yes, I saw the cool wolf. Really a good one! I am enjoying my time with Jennifer. And family. WOW! you guys are making 16-16 and a half miles some days. Fantastic!
    Patti, Penny and Dawn have been to visit me. Each separate. I enjoyed seeing them.
    I went to two movies with Jennifer. Jimmy read all your blogs yesterday when he was here. It would be nice if you added him to your list. God would like it. I
    Still! not one complaint from you. You just take them as they come. As your Dad used to say “chickens today and feathers tomorrow”. I hope you get a name soon. I am just anxious to see what it will be. I would call you Gonzales for Speedy Gonzales.
    Have a wonderful tomorrow. Nat and Joey got into their house today as the closing took place this morning. Said it was not dirty. As my Mother always said to me……………….


    1. Love reading your blog. Even though we have not been close, I feel so connected to you through your blog. You are amazing! What a tremendous experience, and a wonderful way to cleans the soul! Stay happy and safe!

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