Day 77 – New Hamshire!

Total miles hiked 21.6
I got a 7 AM start this morning. First bit of the hike was straight up. At the top there was a view of the Suicide Six Ski Area.

After reaching the top of the mountain I follow the path that was lateral to a stone wall for almost a mile. The work that went into this wall was unbelievable. I was so impressed.

I got another great view of the countryside and then it was into the forest.

The Pine tree’s were very bare down below with just their tops sprouting needles. It made the forest wide open and very airy.

Sometimes, in some places, the forest took on the darker tone. It was still beautiful but I think at one time there must’ve been a fire because I kept smelling smoke.

It was very hot today. I was pretty much wringing wet by the time I hit the road. The last 3 miles today was all on the roads. First I went through Norwich, Vermont.

After I  crossed the bridge over the Connecticut River and I was in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Hanover is home to Dartmouth University. I walk down two of the main streets in town. The Appalachian Trail is very poorly marked in Hanover and I had to ask twice to get me back on the “trail.”

It was a little strange dodging people on the sidewalks coming out of stores like The Loft and J Crew. They all look so clean and smelled so good. I did not!

Live free or die,

9 thoughts on “Day 77 – New Hamshire!

  1. Congratulations on finishing another state. Kind of strange that you crossed the Connecticut River to cross over from Vermont to New Hampshire.

    I went back and read Wire’s blog through New Hampshire. I will be cheering you on. Sounds more like rock climbing than hiking. Good thing you like scrambling.

    Stay safe and be careful. Don’t hike in the rain.steam

  2. I’ve only seen Hanover in the winter. Cold. Cold. Ice skaters on that river. Pond? Quaint and beautiful. I can only imagine the most interesting feeling of coming off the trail and entering civilization.

  3. Hi you two,
    It is so great that both of you are enjoying yourselves . I must say that I would prefer to hang out with Hugh. He is doing some really interesting things. I would really enjoy those museums and the antique stores. I even knew about some of the baseball players! Only because one of my friends was a baseball nut. AND because some of them were sooo famous it was impossible not to hear about them! Jani, where do you end up? What town and state?
    Love ❤️ U Both!

  4. Go Janet! We are on our way to do a bike ride at Susquehanna State Park. Jacob and Owen asked about you, so I read them your update. They are so impressed as are Tony and I. You are an inspiration. Stay safe!

  5. That one picture looks like something out of the Blair Witch Project. Very eerie.

    Knowing where you started it is crazy to know you are only one state away from Maine! It looks like you might hit the base of the Whites today or tomorrow? You’re going to rock it. Nothing can slow you down after all you’ve already accomplished!

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