Day 76 – The Lookout

Let us leave a splendid legacy for our children…let us turn to them and say, this you inherit guard it well, for it is far more precious than money… and once destroyed, nature’s beauty cannot be repurchased at any price. ~ Ansel Adams

Miles hiked today 18.7.

I got a decent early start this morning at 6:30. It’s just too cold to go before that. It was all about hiking this morning The only view came from a cut in the trees were the electricity goes through.

But never fear mother nature never lets us down, throughout the morning there were beautiful streams and waterfalls.

I did come across something pretty interesting this morning.  I was hiking along and lo and behold there was a ladder. And a good thing too it’s a pretty steep cliff. The latter was securely attached to the rocks it did not move at all as I climbed down it.

I was taking a little lunch break and eating my peanut butter crackers at this Vista, when I Southbounder came along and he took my picture. I have to say that Sobos (South bounders) have been incredibly friendly and nice.

As I was hiking along I came across this sign that said The Lookout with an arrow pointing up a very rough dirt path. I looked in the guidebook and it said the Lookout was a privately owned cabin that was open to hikers for camping. I was not needing to camp but the guidebook also said “a recently rebuilt ladder leads to a lookout on top of the cabin that has great views in ” that was all I needed to hear and I headed up the rough path. Boy oh boy am I glad I did.

I climbed the ladder to the roof and it was spectacular. The highlight of my day.

After the lookout it was down to meet up with Hugh. And let me tell you the path was incredibly overgrown.

After two stiles I reached my destination and Hugh was waiting for me.

Still walking,

6 thoughts on “Day 76 – The Lookout

  1. What a beautiful day to hike. The pictures are gorgeous.

    Glad you are having great weather with no rain. Sounds like the heat is staying away.

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