Day 75 – Killington Peak

Of all the paths, you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt. – John Muir

Miles hike today 19.2.

Today was all about climbing Mount Killington. I started off and have barely gone 2 miles when I had this view. A great place to stop for a minute and down a pop tart!

Then it was just all about climbing up, up, up. I did pass this sign that shows Katahdin is just within reach – only 500 miles to go.

The forest are changing the farther north I go. They’re turning into Pine Forest now. I’ve noticed the path is strewn with Pineneedles instead of leaves.

The Appalachian Trail did not go quite to the peak of Killington. The peak was on a Blue blaze .2 of a mile away – somehow I missed that blue blaze. I think I missed it because I was thinking about lunch. I had lunch at the shelter below it was the highest point AT went to.

This was the view out of the shelter’s window. So gorgeous.

After hitting the shelter then it was all downhill…mostly. About halfway down the mountain I came to Menden Lookout and grabbed this picture.

When I was almost to the RV I came across Thundering Falls. The tallest waterfall in Vermont.

Then it was a boardwalk for the last little bit.

Ready for tomorrow!

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