Day 72 – Morning Glory

Miles high today 17.7.

I started my morning at 7 AM. My first climb was up Mount Bromly which is a ski resort here in Vermont.

This is the reason that people should wake up and hike early! Look at those clouds. If you don’t get up early they burn off and you don’t see the glory of the mountains shrouded in clouds

Then it was down the mountain. The trail was incredibly overgrown going down Bromley. And then it was time to start climbing again. Mount Style was next. The forest was very dark today even though the sun was shining. Yesterday was a overcast day, yet the forest yesterday had more light in it. This is a very thick forest today and kind of sinister. A little like Hantzel and Gretel forest.

The Vista at the top let the sun shine through! It was a beautiful view and the sun was very welcome.

Griffith Lake was up on the mountain and oh what a beautiful place to camp. In Vermont it is interesting that the Green mountain club charges five dollars to camp at shelters or at their tenting sites. And they have caretakers that live there for the summer.

The hike today was filled with beautiful streams and scenery. Vermont is a very beautiful place.

Baker Peak was my last climb of the day and had a beautiful vista of the surrounding mountains at the top.

Then I got to cross a very cool suspension  bridge made out of wood. It looks so sturdy but when you walk across it if you get a bounce! I really enjoyed it.

My day ended on a forest road where I was to meet Hugh. For the first time I beat him to the meeting place. I was able to get my blog done before he reached me.

Ready for tomorrow,

2 thoughts on “Day 72 – Morning Glory

  1. Beautiful pictures. I loved the picture of you. There is a bronze statue at Lake Dillon that is a very similar pose. I will take a picture of it and text it to you.

    Still amazed at the miles you are making with the ups and downs and the rocks. We are day hiking in the Rockies about 4 to 5 miles a hike. The views are incredible. We are picking easier trails and it is kicking my butt. Gives me a whole new appreciation for what you are accomplishing. I am in awe of you.

    Michael wants to do a hike above tree line tomorrow. I assume I will have to hike to get up there. I think he is trying to kill his momma! I’ll let you know how I goes. If you do not hear from me again, you will know the mountains won😊

    Glad the weather has improved. Stay safe.

  2. Hi to both of you. Not feeling well so just want to say i got behind and am playing catch up today. Love reading your blogs. So nice to have seen you at the wedding.

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