Day 71 – Zig Zag Day

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. – Jon Muir

Miles hike today 17.5.

Started hiking around 7:30 AM. Was making sure it wasn’t going to rain again. Yesterday was incredible, it literally rained all day long without stopping. I was so glad I was not on the trail. But I was a little leery this morning and I did hit the trail. I was expecting it to be flooded

To my surprise it was not. Don’t get me wrong-it is very soaked but there is not as much standing water as I thought there’d be. I will tell you the rain has made the hike longer. Having to zigzag around the mud and puddles just makes the hike longer.

When I was able to get Internet service I checked the temperature. It was 45°! I am wearing a long sleeve wool shirt on July 25. Unbelievable!

My only big climb today was Stratton Mountain. I knew up at the top of Stratton Mountain there is a fire tower. What I did not know was there was also a caretaker from the Green Mountain club. This is Jean. Jean and her husband Hugh live in this little hut from May to October!.

She invited me inside and oh how I wanted to organize that hut. I could not believe how everything was just everywhere. Jean was very talkative and I had a hard time getting away from her – she was a sweetie.

I can tell you honestly, I did not climb all the way up to the top of the fire tower because there was no reason. There was no view – fog blanketed the entire mountain.

As I started down the mountain I walked for about a mile and came across this lake. It was eerily beautiful. I took many pictures and wished I had a real camera in my hand instead of just an iPhone.

With all the rain the streams were flowing. I did a lot of hopping from rock to rock today to get over water and mud.

This view is from Prospect Rock. It overlooks The town of Manchester Center.

The temperature raised up to 60° today. I have to say it was really nice hiking weather if only the trail would’ve been a little bit dryer.

I am liking Vermont!

One thought on “Day 71 – Zig Zag Day

  1. I cannot believe how cool the weather is. I am sure it is more enjoyable hiking when it is cooler versus scorching hot. At least you can add layers and take off clothing as you warm up.

    Jean’s house gives a whole new meaning to tiny house. Don’t know how two people could live there for months. I assume in something so small there is no running water. It would be too rustic for me.

    Vermont is a beautiful state. Glad there was not too much stain water today. Hope you have dry weather and mild temperatures the next couple of days.

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