Day 7 – An Up Hill Battle… I Won!

Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So… get on your way. -Dr. Seuss

Miles hike today 11.8. Total miles height 81.1.

The day started this morning by crossing the road and getting breakfast at Hardee’s. I know I’m really roughing it. But it’s a great place ask for a hitch because people have to slow down to go through the drive-through so when they’re driving out of the drive-through you say can you give us a ride to the trailhead. This man-Jonathan – gave us A ride to the hostel where I had of maildrop delivered. Then the hostel gave us a ride to the trailhead at no cost.

This is what a trailhead looks like near a town it’s always crowded in the morning with lots of people going up.

We had some beautiful scenery today I took lots of pictures but none of them show you the absolute glory of the appellation Mountains.

Today was all about going uphill. Our next stop at muskrat shelter was all up hill. As you can tell by the sweat stains- it was hard work.

The volunteer groups that keep the trail open and nice are amazing lots of trees all over the trail and volunteers are up here with chainsaws cutting them out of the way. It is an amazing force of volunteers that takes care of the Appalachian Trail.

We hiked through a small portion of the fire that brought so much of the appellation woods last year. Here is a picture of just a small bit of it.

This is the Motley Crue that I’ve been hiking with lately. They’re super people all three of them. We seem to mesh well. I hike first then Yuegen, Then Mark, and Linda brings up the rear.

At mile 78 we crossed into North Carolina! It was just a spot on the trail but to us it was a huge accomplishment.

This tree is the most photographed tree on the Appalachian Trail. I think it’s because it sits right in the middle of the trail. So I had to do the obligatory photo.

On one of the last climbs – and may I say we were all dying by this time-there was an amazing view. It was a wonderful chance to take a breath and take some pictures.

Finally crossing over a A small stream to get to the campground. Set up the tent and then started talking with the different hikers. A Hiker that I run into many times Kevin came strolling in and yelled Janet! I have a birthday present for you. And he handed me A mini bottle of vodka. He said if I slow down I would’ve gotten it sooner. He said he also had M&Ms but he got hungry and ate them.

These young people are all amazed that our little group of old people are keeping in front of them and passing them. They say that we are their biggest motivator.

Pictured left to right Rabithole, Wolfe,  nomadic, cully, Steven in backby me, Mark in front of me and back strider in front and Justin and back. 

Having a blast!

8 thoughts on “Day 7 – An Up Hill Battle… I Won!

  1. Makin’ us 50 somethings look good! However, with all this trail magic and town food, I’m not so sure your weight loss plan is going to be too effective! Ha!

    Keep winning! 🙂

  2. Hi Jani,
    Jennifer and I are sitting in my loft apartment reading your last blog. We just got back from the movie. We saw Beauty and the Beast. It was so good with Emma Watson as Belle. The seats in the theater lay way down so I felt good watching it. You are doing so great! I could not believe 16 plus miles on one day. You are the best. I am enjoying spending time with Jenna’s family. We also went to see “The Shack”. I liked it also.
    But, when did I ever not like the movies? You look really cute in the pics. Bet it is fun meeting so many people. Did you give the vodka away? Or maybe save it for your box on the wall at home? You’re a keeper so take care. I love you much!

    I also saw “The Shack” at the movirs. Of course I love that. You are really eating that trail up.
    Really proud of U. Of course I would be proud of you if you decided to leave today! I’ll
    Bet that pillow is great!

  3. Hey sister! Your doing awesome! Are you using your gadget that send messages to phones? Is so, I am not getting mine. 🙁 Can’t believe how good you look in all the pics. So happy! Call me when you go into your next town! <3

  4. Love the picture of you sitting taking a break. Congrats on kicking Georgia’s butt. Only 13 more states to go.

    Based on your pictures looks like the average hiker is in their twenties and male. Are you seeing very many female hikers.

    Knowing the big drinker that you are, are you going to haul that vodka all the way to Maine?

    1. Have not seen too many females yet. The vodka is already gone Mark Linda and Juergen already took care of it

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