Day 68 – Vermont!

The difference between a stumbling block and a stepping stone is the character of the person walking the path. – Travis Alexander

Miles hike today 18.1.

I started my day at 5:45 AM. For the first mile and a half of my hike today, the trail bordered a stream. It made for lovely music this morning.

Up the mountain I went closer to that Massachusetts/Vermont border. But first I got to visit the Rock Garden. My understanding is that at one time before the trees grew this was it incredible Vista. Now the trees are tall and all you see are rocks.

After about a 4 mile hike this morning I finally hit Vermont! Someone asked me if I still get excited crossing a border. The answer is – you bet!

Coming from a state as large as Kansas crossing a border seems insurmountable. I know the states are much smaller especially in the Northeast, but it’s still a large charge to cross the border on your feet.

About an hour after the border crossing I am walking along the ridge of the mountain and I come across this Boulder. This is one of the many reasons I love the Appalachian Trail. Where did it come from? There’s nothing above it. All of a sudden you’re walking along and here is a gigantic Boulder sitting sweet as you please all alone in the forest.

So far the trail in Vermont has some very muddy places. They do a great job of placing stones to keep the mud off the shoes. But this means a lot of delicate foot placement throughout the entire day.

As I came down from my summit I came across a pond and a meadow. Underneath that pine is a moose! I hear Vermont and New Hampshire have a lot of moves I will try to get a better picture.

The next picture gives you a better idea of what I was up against today. The trail of mad with rocks placed strategically to get you through it. I felt like most of today was hopping from rock to rock. It wore me out. Having to be so careful where you put every footstep was exhausting.

Toward the end of my day I came to Warner Hill. There was finally a vista overlooking the city of Bennington Vermont.

At the Vista site there was quite a few young people milling around picking wild raspberries!

I joined in and had my fill of sweet wild raspberries. Then I headed down the mountain where he was waiting for me.

Normally throughout the day I can stay in contact with you. Not today. I fear our days of good cell signal’s are probably over. Thank goodness he was waiting at the designated spot.


4 thoughts on “Day 68 – Vermont!

  1. Even though each day presents it’s challenges, it is always interesting and beautiful! I was telling a friend about you and she asked how you would protect yourself from bears and other animals, if they were to attack you? Thanks for sharing! You are amazing!

    1. Not much you could do! With bears you stand your ground and don’t run. They will chase. They usually don’t attack unless they are startled. I play music to let them know I am coming if I am in an area where bears are reported to be active.

  2. Congratulations on hitting Vermont. One more state down. Hope you don’t make a wrong turn and end up hiking The Long Trail. I know that trail and the AT are shared for a bit. I also read that out of the degree of difficulty of the AT, Vermont is one of the easier states. Not that it Is a walk in the park, just not as difficult. Hope what I read is true and the next couple of weeks are a bit easier.

    Continued safe travels. Hope you and Hugh find each other every day. hope the limited cell service does not become an issue.

    1. It is hard to believe I am in Vermont! Whoo hoo! The Whites are close! I have a feeling they will kick my behind.

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