Day 6 – Kickin’ Some Georgia Ascents!

“Do, or do not. There is no try.” ~Yoda

Miles hiked today 16.7. Total miles hiked 69.3

Woke up this morning, had a coffee and then stuck my thumb out!

First time ever that I’ve hitchhiked. It took about 15 minutes, but then a very nice man named Jay gave us a hitch to Unico gap. I have no words for his truck! I’ve never seen so much trash in a vehicle of my life. But we didn’t care we were just happy for the hitch. Below is Jay!

Then it was time to start climbing. We had two hard climbs early this morning. Rocky Mountain and Trey mountain. The 16 miles we put in today we learned are the toughest 16 miles in Georgia. Below is Linda and Mark.

We started around 8 AM and ended up around 6 PM. That’s 10 solid hours of hiking. With just little rest breaks during the day. I understand that 1.65 mph does not sound like a lot, but when you’re going up a mountain let me tell you you’re moving!

It was a beautiful day. We had sun pretty much all day with some cloud cover that was needed. Had a tiny bit of mist around 11, but that was it.

I don’t know what these plants are but they were laying all over the mountain. Below is me standing at a viewing spot on Rocky Mountain.

Here are the people that I am hiking with. The young man to my right – his name is Chris. Chris hiked with us most of the day and then shot off at the end. Said we did pretty good for old people. Then there’s me, Linda, Mark, Juergen.

When we came up Rocky Mountain there was a man called Lionheart handing out fruit and beverages-I just love trail magic. I grabbed a banana and kept on going.

One of the beautiful things on the mountains is the moss. The way it covers things is like a carpet. It’s a deep emerald green and I love seeing it.

That’s all of the pictures I took today. Today was all about miles. And by the end of the day I think I hurt everywhere. Feet are holding up great, but they are sore tonight. We made it to Dicks Creek Gap and we’re headed for the Top of Georgia hostel only to find out it was full. So we caught a shuttle into town and are now in a fleabag hotel. The cost is the same as the hostel!

Tonight I am tired with a capital T. A little sore, but still happy. This is not a walk in the woods. This is a climb in the woods.

Eyelids drooping,

5 thoughts on “Day 6 – Kickin’ Some Georgia Ascents!

  1. Wondering why you stayed at a hotel tonight’s in a row? Not judging you! Just curious? Looks like it was a beautiful day after your day of rain. Trail magic must be such a wonderful surprise every time! ?

    Are your companions planning on going all the way? Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit easier. Glad you are enjoying yourself. At least you weren’t hitchhiking alone! Stay safe! Love you, sister! ❤

  2. Congratulations on the big miles. Looks like you will be crossing the state of Georgia off your list in no time.

    Stopped and saw Hugh briefly yesterday. Your puppies miss you. Hugh and I are going to go to dinner sometime toward the end of the week. Maybe we can face time you and have dinner together?

    Safe travels my friend!

  3. You are covering more miles per day than I thought you would, considering the terrain. Sounds like you are meeting some interesting and kind people! I admire you so much for doing this! Be safe!

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