Day 50 – The Lady is a Tramp

She’d never bother with people she hates. That’s why the lady is a tramp.-Frank Sinatra

Miles hiked today 26.3

I’m excited today because I leave Pennsylvania. Most of the morning was the typical Pennsylvania morning with rocks then I stopped to look at a couple of views…

and then a miracle happened and I was on a country road – a flat non-Rocky country road that went on for miles.

The country road really allowed me to stretch out my legs and put some miles in.

The country road morphed into a trail that many day hikers use so the number of people on the trail picked up considerably. All were very nice..

Unbelievable but the Rhododendrums were still in bloom here in northern Pennsylvania. What a gorgeous flower. The bushes line to the trails and I it it was just beautiful.

Then I got to see the Delaware river – I was headed down there. But first I got to stop at Lake Lenape. It was covered with Lily Pads that were in bloom. I’m running out of adjectives here, but can I just say it was sublime.

I walk to the small town of Delaware water gap and then crossed the Delaware river into New Jersey. I’m not sure why that Crossing the Delaware was emotional for me. Although it is not as historic as Washington’s Crossing it was epic for me.

Soon after crossing into New Jersey I entered into the Delaware water gap national recreation area. I met Hugh for lunch at a parking area and we decided it was a bad place to try to spend the night. There’s no camping in the Recreation area. 

We moved our meeting place 9 miles up the trail I hiked on. There were some absolutely wonderful rock cairns that I loved in two places in the Recreation area.

I reached sunfish pond and it started raining. It rained for about 30 minutes, just enough to drench me.

 I walked around sunfish pond and it was gorgeous. Then it was on to meet Hugh at the Mohican outdoor center. 

The views on the way to meet Hugh were absolutely stunning. Over and over I saw Beauty that I would never have put hand-in-hand with the state of New Jersey.

The clouds were amazing and the views even better. I put Frank Sinatra on my music and walked to a happy beat.

This tramp is liking New Jersey!

5 thoughts on “Day 50 – The Lady is a Tramp

  1. You are definitely a tramp. You tramped, trodden and stomped your way through PA and looks like you are going to do the same in New Jersey. Unbelievable that you hiked 26.3 miles today and you are still smiling. At the rate you are going, you will finish New Jersey in three days.

    Pictures are stunningly beautiful. I like you am running out of adjectives to describe the pictures.

    Love that you are able to hook up with Hugh for lunch. Bet it is a bright spot in your day.

    Be safe my friend. Hope you have more great days until you head to the wedding.

  2. Hello my love,
    Wow! What a change i feel in your disposition. You seem completely recharged . Even smiling as you walk in the rain. Not that you have ever come across as anything but a happy camper you just seem to be so excited about leaving PA. And raring to go again. I admire you so much and regret that I have somehow ended up as this broken down old woman who used to be ready for adventure. Actually,I should be thanking our Lord that I am here to enjoy this adventure through you. So proud of you. The wedding is coming up soon. JB will be here soon with all my stuff. Oh, how I hope that I am not too much of a burden for my kids. Love you.

  3. Hi Janet! We (my girlfriend and I and my 2 pups) met you on Sunday right before your crossing! I came home and told my husband all about your RV plan! I want to be you when I grow up!! Looking forward to your northern pics. We haven’t hit any of that part of the trail yet! Keep it up! You’re amazing!!

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