Day 49 – Pennsylvania Rocks

Rock is a four letter word. – Janet Ridgway 

Miles hike today 20.3

I left the RV at 5:38 AM this morning I was awake before, but I was waiting for it to stop raining. It rained all night long. So I had a very wet trail this morning.

The first thing on the agenda was to climb like normal but this was a climb! Poles were put away and it was a rock scramble up – lots of fun. I was drenched in sweat within 15 minutes. The picture below is straight up.

The higher I climbed the foggier it became because I was climbing into the clouds. There is something mystical about the forest when the fog rolls in.

When I reach the top it was time to hike across the ridgeline. Within minutes my feet were soaking wet and my shorts too. The rain from the night before had drenched everything leaving water droplets everywhere.

This section was supposed to be really bad with rocks.  I don’t know if it was exaggerated or if I’m just getting used to the rocks but the first 12 miles it seemed like a normal Pennsylvania day.

During my hike this morning for about 25 yards of the trail I followed this bunny. He would run ahead and then turn around and look at me and run ahead for a minute I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

I also came across this little guy. I’d liked his color that’s why I took his picture.

I looked at my map and saw there was a possible place for Hugh to meet me for lunch!. So I text him and he said he could do it. It was lovely seeing my guy if even for a short amount of time and getting a nice chicken sandwich to boot.

The last 8 miles were all rock. It got old…fast. There were some nice views, but the rocks were unending. I have one more day in Pennsylvania and hopefully, only one more day of rocks this bad.

Physically I’m doing pretty good. My hands are no longer hurts. My knee gets a little stiff at the end of the day where I landed on it. But overall I’m hanging in there.

Tomorrow I will be in New Jersey. I’m getting Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen loaded up – ready for my hike into New Jersey.

4 thoughts on “Day 49 – Pennsylvania Rocks

  1. Hi sweetie,
    I am just ignoring caps unles they pop up on their own. You are doing so great. I l’ove reading your blog each day. I must have missed a day because I think I have two to read. Hugh is not doing so bad either. He seems to be enjoying the trip. The puppies seem to be making it pretty well also. Are you still loving it?
    Probably not a chance that you will meet up with Llinda and mark again? Not unless you take a few days off.
    Our wedding is coming up fast. I fell out of the bed last week and it caused me a lot of pain. Today is the first day the pain has not ruled my life. So glad it is letting up. Miss you, my sweet baby girl.

  2. I can’t believe the rocks. The other day? The snake, wrong turns, the rocks. You are a tough girl. Plod on and I hope the trail goes by the beach in New Jersey. Will be restful for your feet to waltz through the sand. But if not, you are doing well. Walk on. Cheering for you.

    Kris and Mark sleeping downstairs at my house tonight.

  3. By the time you read this you should have Pennsylvania behind you. Congratulations on another state marked off the list and another 230 miles accomplished. When I see the mile marker on your map, it is amazing how that number keeps growing. I hope the State of New Jersey is kind to your feet and the rest of your body.

    Glad you were able to meet Hugh for lunch. What a nice treat on a grueling day. And glad to see you are wearing your hat.

    Did you go back to your old shoes. and how is the rash on your legs?

    I read that New Jersey has a lot of bears. Be careful my friend.

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