Day 48 – The Knife’s Edge

“Let’s be careful out there” -Sgt. Esterhaus, “Hill Street Blues”

Miles hiked today 13.7

I started walking this morning at 5:38 AM. Today was going to be a short day, but rain was threatening so I was in a hurry.

The views started almost immediately in the first hour. They were gorgeous but my mind was focused on The Knife Edge. With rain approaching I did not want to be on wet big rocks. They get very slick.

By 7 o’clock I’d hit The Knife’s Edge and I have to say it was very cool. These rocks are at the very tip of the mountain and you get to sit on them and look at stunning views.

This picture does not do it justice.

But I could see weather moving in so I moved on.

The first 8 miles of this walk were all big rocks. It was a nice change from the ankle busting smaller rocks. I got to hop from rock to rock which I really enjoy while having forward progress.

Then I arrived at Bake Oven Knob and the weather started obstructing the views. But in its own way it is very beautiful.

I was done with Bake Oven Knob by 8 o’clock but still had some boulders to get over. I finished with the big rocks around 9 AM, that was the time it started sprinkling.  I felt very fortunate. Until….

I tripped over this tiny rock – on flat ground! I went down… Down hard! Threw out my hand, which landed on a pointed rock and my knee took the rest of it. I now have a lovely bruise on the palm of my hand and my knee is a little bit swollen. Nothing that stops me from walking, as a matter of fact I got up and walked five more miles.

The rest of the morning was uneventful. It’s sprinkled off  and on for the next two hours. I will say the forest are resplendent in the rain.

And oh my gosh the ferns. Pennsylvania must have more ferns then anywhere. I bet I had 3 miles of ferns that I walk through. Just breathtaking.

When I came down off the mountain I had a bridge to cross-they are always fun to walk across.

And there’s no better place to take a picture of the river than on the bridge.

Hugh has plans for us  this afternoon, so I’m off to enjoy another part of Pennsylvania.

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