Day 4 – I’m Just a Girl & I’m on Fire

“She got both feet on the ground – And she’s burning it down – She got her head in the clouds – And she’s not backing down!” – Alicia Keys

Miles hike today 13 -Total trip miles 44

We got up this morning from our cabin where Linda had cooked us dehydrated hashbrowns and eggs – quite delicious. Then headed to Mountain Crossing shown above. I retrieved my mail drop from them and bought a pillow that was way overpriced. But I decided I wanted a pillow.

Outside Mountain Crossings Outfitters is the famous tree where hikers throw their shoes that are quitting. The tree is full of shoes.

On the side of the building is a walkway. It is the only covered area of the Appalachian Trail. Look below and you’ll see the white blaze that shows you the way painted on the side of the walkway. This is where we left off yesterday and got the cabin so back on the trail with a very heavy pack loaded with food.

Again we had a misty morning and a few raindrops, but not enough to get out the raincoat. I looked at the photo below and had to laugh. It shows a smooth trail! There is hardly any of the trail that is smooth and it seems like I take pictures when it is because it’s when I can actually look up to take one. Most of the day is spent looking at the ground – you have to stop to look up.

This is more what the trail is like, many ups and many downs. Very few lot areas as you see by the graph at the top.

It was a hard hike up and then down and when we came down it was weird to see a roadside.

But roads mean trail magic! Set up on the wayside were a group of Christians handing out some of the best food I have tasted in a long time. They had pulled pork, pulled chicken, deviled eggs, and bananas! We filled up.

Then it was straight up the mountain and I do mean straight up – kicked my butt. But, when we came down guess what? There was more trail magic. This time with hamburgers and hotdogs.

Since only an hour before we had just eaten, they let me take a hamburger to go. This was a group, Single Christians, doing ministries.

As you can see I’m really roughing it. The next picture is for my mother! When you walk in the woods, Mother, you see faces and things in every tree and every rock. It has always been one of our favorite things to do together. I see a dog in this one. What do you see?

The rest of the day was hiking and hiking and hiking. Many ups and downs and some really nice flat areas which was a relief.

About a half a mile before camp is where we gathered water. It was barely a trickle, but it was enough to fill up on. After we gather it has to be sanitized. I’m using UV light to get rid of the bad stuff.

Here is our small little group. I am leading -then comes Juergon, then Mark and Linda.

Tonight we are camped at Popular Stamp Gap. It’s a sweet spot.

Camping with us is a police officer from Jacksonville, Florida and his brother Andy. Two really nice guys.

Rain is expected tonight so we’ll see how that goes. Please know that I read all of your comments each day. I love and appreciate them. One day I will start responding. That’s all for now.

Snug as a bug in a tent,

11 thoughts on “Day 4 – I’m Just a Girl & I’m on Fire

  1. The best part of you having friends along the trail is we get some really great pics of YOU. So great to see you enjoying it.

  2. Wow!! What a great day! I love the volunteer work! I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jennifer Henry along the journey! She is so good with volunteering her time. Love reading your blog, Janet! You make my day each time you write! You’re AMAZING!
    Love and muscles! 💪💪

  3. Trying to imagine every step of the way, with you, and loving every minute of it! Thank you for sharing! Beautiful pictures! You look great!

  4. Can’t believe all the trail magic! Does this just happen in the beginning? Love all the pics! Hope your $pillow$ helps. 😏 Have you been warm enough at night? Are you altering your plan since you’re with a group or are you hiking what you had planned out daily? Any trail name yet? 😜

    1. It’s because all comments have to be approved. I’m helping J with this so they’ll get approved fairly quickly. Love you, Aunt Jenna!

  5. I am amazed at all the trail magic! I hope it keeps happening and you have a very magical time!
    How are you doing with out your DP? Do you get text messages out there? Have you got a trail name?
    Your kickin’ sister! Keep going!

  6. Love seeing the smile on your face. I can tell you are enjoying every minute of the hike. Think you may be hauling too much food with all the trail magic. Glad you had a wonderful birthday.

  7. Hi honey. Yes, I see the dog. I am writing this a day late. I have written each day but Natalie just told me I had to answer the question in order for the post to go through. I am so disgusted with myself. I have written each day but never answered the question. In fact, I just back tracked to answer this one which was yesterday? Sorry it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks. Love you!

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