Day 25 – Up, Up, Up

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller

Miles hiked today 16. Total hiked 323.

Woke up and started hiking at 8 AM. It was another beautiful morning for hiking. Do you see the mountain in the background? We’re going over that today.

Today was a lot of up! Seemed like I was always climbing. But regardless, there is always beauty in the Appalachian Mountains. 

Not sure if you remember, but a few posts ago I told you if the trail gives you a chair you should take it… Today it literally gave me a chair! It was just out in the middle of nowhere, so funny.

Not sure if any of you have seen pictures of Juergen, here he is by a waterfall where we got water. He has been an excellent hiking partner. He has been married for 40 years, and has four children. He was the managing director at GE Germany for quite a while. A very interesting and nice gentleman. 

The trail is starting to really green up. Flowers are blooming and spring is definitely here.

Mom, here’s a giant bunny for you!

This is one of the many stops today just to take a break and get some sugar or food in us. 

Today was also the first time I came across barbed wire on the Appalachian Trail. 

Again, and may I say it never gets old, we had some amazing, amazing views.

Then down the mountain we came to a gap where we had to cross the road and head up the other side. Always hoping for trail magic, care roads have not had any lately.

As a matter fact it was a lonely day on the trail. Hardly saw any hikers. Remember Captain Caveman, the young man with the wooden leg, he started after my start date of March 22. He’s the only person I know that has started after March 22nd, that is ahead of me. We were not hiking fast today and I was sure that some hikers would pass us – yet not one did. 

In the late afternoon it became all about finding a campsite. I was tired! But you have to have flat ground so we kept on walking.

 The flowers were blooming all over the mountains, so beautiful.

Finally after 16 miles we walked up a ridge and found a flat space only to walk a little bit more and realize there’s a road quite close with houses on the other side. They look like vacation rental houses and no one is living in any of them right now. So we pitched our tents, had dinner and are in our respective tents by 7:15pm. 


3 thoughts on “Day 25 – Up, Up, Up

  1. Looks like you have hit your stride averaging 16 miles per day. Looks like you are out of the bubble or maybe people took off Easter weekend. The views are incredible. Sleep well my friend

  2. So beautiful! Sounds like your foot is better. So funny about the chair. Did you wonder if it was some kind of joke? Love bunny reference! I bet your Mom enjoyed that! Just in time for Easter! Happy day, tomorrow! Hope you get trail magic,! 😊

  3. Hi Sweetie,

    It is late, in fact, it is Easter! I am hoping to go to church with Steve, Jenna, ,Jake, & Patti . HAPPY EASTER JANI AND GOD BLESS! Will have to see if I feel okay after I get dressed in the morning. Natalie works at Joey’s church in the nursery on Sundays. It is In Fort Collins. I don’t know why they want to go church in Fort Collins, however (wither thou go
    I will follow.) that really says goest, but the spelling doesn’t look right.
    I LOVE YOU BABY GIRL, Stay safe. Tell Juergen to keep the bears away from you!
    And dear daughter whom I know is much smarter than me…..the words are artificial
    limb, not wooden leg. Remember, I have had a lot of experience with that. Is there anything new with Violet?

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