Day 24 – Breaking 300!

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” –Aristotle

Miles hiked today 17.2. Total hiked 307. 

Started today with a 4 mile climb. What a way to get the heart pumping. When I was at the doctor yesterday they took my blood pressure and my resting heart rate. My resting heart rate is now 51! Pretty good. It was a glorious morning. 

Passed a shelter – paused just long enough to down a pop tart and flavor to my water. Crystal Light rocks!

There are moments that you can clearly see why they call the Appalachian Trail- the green tunnel. I’m sure as the trees start budding out more the tunnel will become more apparent.

Through the trees below you can barely see the mountain behind them – but that is where I’m headed- to the top. 

And my oh my what views. I love to be rewarded after a hard climb with magnificent vistas. 

Today there was quite a lot of bouldering. I did not get a picture of the hard stuff because I was too busy not falling!

But once again it was so worth it!

Walking along the Trail I looked up and noticed that the Trail was edged in green. It was so surprising- it just made me grin. Stopped – pulled up “What a Wonderful World” on my song list – and hiked down my little happy path. 

Had a long meadow hike today as well. Not very often you get one of these. 

Toward the end of this long day we passed the Shelton Graves. A pair of Union soldiers were killed at this spot while visiting family during the Civil War. 

Finally made it to Flint Mountain Shelter where I set up my tent. A father and his two daughters, Kati and AC are section hiking during their spring break. I had a nice visit with them. 

Way past my bedtime,

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