Day 21 – When the Trail Gives You a Chair – Sit Down!

“One step at a time is good walking.” -Chinese proverb

Miles hiked today 18. Total miles 273.5. 

I woke up this morning at 7am and hit the trail by 7:30. Today was all about reaching Hot Springs. The Appalachian Trail runs right through the town.

Today was not the most scenic of days. There were not the awe inspiring vistas, but on the Appalachian Trail there is always beauty if you look. Below is a small waterfall.

With the weather getting hotter things are really starting to green up. The Trail was very narrow in places today, then…

opened up to cross a field.

I passed two shelters on my journey today. The pull of a hot shower and a laundromat kept me walking on. It was incredibly HOT today. Water was all important and I replenished it every chance I got. Once again let me say – I love my Steri Pen!

Another thing that I have been meaning to tell you is that I have not seen one piece of trash on the entire Appalachian Trail! This pleases me. Thousands of people walk this trail. I have met many day trippers, people out for a week’s vacation, and of course thru- hikers and everyone seems to be living by the “Leave no trace” mantra.

I’ve been hoping since I started this walk to see a bear. No such luck so far. But I did find a lovely cave.

Most of today was simply walking and keeping hydrated.

Because it was so hot I have a new saying – “When the trail gives you a chair, sit down.” That means if there is a log or a rock that is high enough – you sit down!

I finally reached a point where through the trees you could see Hot Springs, North Carolina.

I passed a lot of daytrippers that were walking up the mountain for some exercise. When I reached the bottom they had a stone for the Appalachian Trail.

As I said before the trail runs directly through the town – just follow the AT sign.

3 miles before we stopped I tweaked my foot. And the last 3 miles were not fun. Just so you can see how dirty it is out here here’s a picture of my feet before my shower.

Here is one after the shower. I scrubbed and scrubbed with a washcloth trying to get my toenails clean, but I need a brush! Alas can you tell that the left foot is swollen? Right now I have it on ice and have to take a zero day here in Hot Springs because I cannot walk on my foot left now.

We will see what tomorrow brings. For now…

Stuck in rinky-dink Hot Springs.

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