Day 20 – To the Max

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it.” —Jimmy Dugan, A League of Their Own

Miles hike today 15.2. Total miles 255.5. 
We left Standing Bear hostile around 8:30 AM. It was a crisp morning- really nice weather to hike.

We spent the morning climbing. We had an elevation gain of 2400 feet. The sun came out and it got HOT!

When we neared the top of Snowbird Peak there were no trees. The sun was really beating down on us. Near the top there was this building. I have no idea what it is…. There were warnings to stay away – no trespassing. I think it’s where they keep aliens. (Wink)

Just past the alien building there was a small hill that we climbed- and the views were magnificent. They were so perfect they did not look real.

When we came off Snowbird Peak and it was time to find water. I went through a lot of water today because it was so hot. The picture below is me using my Steripen to sterilize the water.

I wanted to give you an idea of how big some of these trees were. Can you see me standing by the broken one? When the wind or lightning take one out and they come down, they bring others down with them.

This is the top of that tree. It fell into another tree and uprooted it.

Sometimes the trees grow in such weird ways. Here is me being silly.

The next summit was called Max Patch. And every time you thought you were reaching the summit you would find another hill to climb. I took a picture every time I thought I was close.

Finally reached the true summit. Breathtaking!

Then it was down down down. We walked through a tunnel rhododendron.

And finally made it to the shelter! I never stay in the shelters because they have a mice problem. I always pitch my tent.

A look at the privy.

I was asleep by 8 PM… Had 11 hours of sleep. Of course it was interrupted as always. I have a tendency to wake up to here three or four times a night.

Signing off,

6 thoughts on “Day 20 – To the Max

  1. Love you Janet!! You are so amazing!! I so love the views!! I am learning so much from you! You are a great writer and we feel like we are with you! Love that you take time to share with us! Your pictures are great! Praying for you every day!! Go Janet!!

  2. Along with the aches, pains and inconveniences, there has to be a tremendous sense of spiritual growth and accomplishment! I feel so blessed that you are sharing your journey with us. Thank you and stay safe! You are a super star!

  3. Your alien building is used for aviation! It’s called a VOR. Steve always point them out to me. Airplanes can use them to help navigate because they send off a signal. You know me… I know everything! 😉😜

  4. Hi Hon,
    Another day, another 15 or so miles. I know you are loving it! Some wonderful views today. The trees are so close together in some areas. Love the cowboy picture. Jennifer broke down and let me have a coke today. Natalie went to get it for me and brought back the biggest fountain coke she could buy. Love that gnat! Yes, I meant to”spell it that way. Why do we never see any correspondence rom Hill. Or for that matter, from Hugh? Do they have a secret way to be in touch ? Can you imagine what Jami would be writing to you? Love you, Jani!

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