Day 17 – Forced Zero Day

“Rest and be thankful.” ― William Wordsworth

Miles hiked today – zero. 

Today was a forced zero day of no hiking because the road was closed that took us back to the trail due to ice and snow.

It is nice to have time to reflect. Here are some random thoughts.

  • I used to go to extreme measures to stay away from mud and water-now I walk right through it.
  • I love my tent. Easy to set up and tear down.
  • Linda’s trail name is Sunshine because she’s always so happy.
  • Mark’s trail name is Eagle because he soars up the mountains.
  • Juergen’s trail name is Camino because he has walked 3 Caminos in Spain.
  • I like morning hiking best, but hike faster in the afternoon.
  • I struggle everyday posting pictures of myself with no makeup or touch ups-I listen to this song – it helps.
  • My earphones, that my wonderful brother-in-law gave me as an AT gift, ROCK! I can use them with my phone so can talk and walk with both hands free.
  • The Appalachian Trail is much harder than I thought it would be – I am loving it.
  • Grouse make the most interesting noise. It’s like a drum that reverberates the ground.
  • My camp stove boils water FAST!
  • I have only taken Advil twice so far.
  • Oldest hiker I have met is 73 years old.

Linda has hurt her rib/back and wants to take another day to get better. So Juergen and I will hike out tomorrow without my trail sister and her hubby.  Hopefully they will catch up one day. But I can’t take another zero when I feel this good.

Hiking on tomorrow,

2 thoughts on “Day 17 – Forced Zero Day

  1. That’s too bad your friend got hurt. Maybe you will meet some other partners as you hike on. We really look forward to reading your blogs. Your adventures are our adventures vicariously. You will miss those two. I can’t see them catching up to you. In fact, they will probably go slower without you. You know you push it and not everyone Wants to do that. Do your friends have any children? You never said that and I don’t remember if you said where they were from. Not much news tonite as I felt bad today and slept most of the day. I will pay for that tonite. Love you, Jani.

  2. Ways eager to read your blog before I go to bed! Sorry to hear about Linda. With the snow and ice, are you staying comfortable? I would think being wet and cold for very long would be rather miserable! Good luck, and stay safe.

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