Day 132 – Almost There!

There’s been trials and tribulations
You know I’ve had my share
But I’ve climbed mountains, I’ve crossed a river
And I’m almost there!
– Tiana (Princess and the Frog)

Hugh dropped me off in the morning and I had a 1500 foot climb up the mountain. Toward the top, the trail opened up to a very large pathway.

Along the large pathway and at the top there were benches. And I stopped and sat on each one because… When the trail gives you a chair you take it.

At the very top of the mountain there was a memorial for Audie Murphy. He was the most decorated veteran in World War II. And the things people left for him were just amazing-dog tags, metals, poems and bracelets.

The view from the top was also very beautiful.

I was walking in a valley on the mountain and came across these trees-I thought they were spectacular.

On the mountain I also came across these large piles of rocks. There were no exclamations so I’m assuming farmers from a long time ago put them there.

Throughout the day I had excellent vistas as I walked along ridges and climbed mountains.

The mountains today were very rocky.

Toward the end of my hike I came upon a blue blaze that took me to Dragon’s Tooth. This is a very large rock. I’m not sure if you can see, but in the picture below there is a man’s head, who had climbed to the top leaning off to the right.

The hike down from Dragon’s Tooth was more of a climb down. Many times I had to put away the polls and just use my hands to ease over the rocks. My bottom got a workout too!

The autumn colors are just incredible! The leaves are falling fast and I’m afraid in a couple of more days the colors are going to be gone.

Tomorrow I will finish my journey… Until then.

4 thoughts on “Day 132 – Almost There!

  1. Enjoy your last day on the trail tomorrow! What a tremendous accomplishment. Wish I was there with you at McAfee’s Knob.

    Looks like you had warm weather today. I am sure that made the hike enjoyable today.

    Keep me posted on when you are heading home. Hope the RV is ready when you get to the dealership.

    Safe travels on the trail and your trip home.

  2. You are incredible!l. I am soooooo proud of you. What’s next?

    Maybe you and I could have a rocking chair thingy.

    I love you, my Jani!

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