Day 125 & 126 – Brrrrrr

The first day started off at 33°. With a crisp wind blowing I felt for sure that the actual temperature is lower. I headed up into the mountains. But first I had to traverse a big meadow.

By traverse I mean I had to be sure I didn’t step in the cow pies. Cows I have come to learn can be very noisy.  When you’re zooming by cows on the highway in your car they look so peaceful. But when you’re hiking next to them they are loud animals!

If you’re outside and you’re cold, here’s a hint…don’t hike up a mountain. It’s colder at the top. The wind is stronger. And there’s nowhere to hide.

As the wind picked up I put on my rain gear as a wind blocker – it helped tremendously.

I lost the trail a couple of times that day. I had to backtrack and find it. Neither time did I go very far. I am always on the lookout for the White Blazes. If I do not see them I check my map on my phone and it shows me whether or not I’m on or off the trail.

I took a side trail to visit an old cemetery. It was surrounded by a fence and badly kept. Still it was interesting to see graves dating back into the mid 1800’s.

I can’t do the autumn colors justice with my iPhone. The scenery is magnificent.

The next day was a little warmer, but still a cold morning. Walking through the rhododendrum tunnels helped block the wind.

With both my buffs on my head and two shirts to keep me warm – I looked liked E.T. walking on the Appalachian Trail!

The Virginia mountains kind of just roll. It makes for somewhat easy hiking.

The sun finally popped out in the afternoon on the second day.

I love this flower. It is a weed! I have seen it on roadsides and here and there on the trail. It is attached to a very stickery stem. Quite beautiful in my opinion.

Hiking onward!

One thought on “Day 125 & 126 – Brrrrrr

  1. The scenery looks beautiful but man do you look cold. Where are your gloves? . It is cold back here in Kansas. I choose to stay inside. You have a much more adventurous spirit than I do.

    Hope the next couple of days pass quickly and warm up a bit. McAfees Knob is sooo close.

    Take care my friend. Wishing you dry warmer weather

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