Day 122 & 123 – Ponies Then Blah

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West

Miles hiked 43!

One day perfect weather – the next day drizzle and spitting wet. I made good time both days. The terrain was not too hard.

I had beautiful views throughout the first day.

And because it was a weekend there were many people on the trail between Damascus and the Grayson Highlands.

The Grayson Highlands was one of the things I was looking forward to on the trail. Wild ponies roam the Highlands and I desperately wanted to see them.

When I saw the first of the ponies I was passing a group of five ladies hiking. Each lady had a dog. The dogs went crazy and started chasing the ponies. I could’ve screamed!. They scattered to the ponies far and wide.

The women finally got their dogs under control, but I decided to outpace them and put on the speed. I was glad I did because I came upon another small herd. Even though they’re wild, they see so many people hiking they are not scared.

I don’t know much about horses but I’m assuming this one is pregnant.

The highlands were a beautiful place to hike.

I met this little fellow on my way to the parking lot where I met Hugh. He followed me all the way up until the gate.

On Monday I did not take many pictures because of the drizzle. Right before I ended my hike at Katahdin I dropped my phone and cracked the glass. When I got it repaired they told me it was no longer waterproofed. So I was afraid to pull out my phone in the rain and drizzle.

The fall colors in the trees are magnificent whether rain or shine. No visitors today just plodding along.

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