Day 121 – Into & Out of Demascus

Miles hiked 20.5

Today was a great hiking day! The weather could not have been more perfect. And the trail was kinder to me today. For the last three days when I’ve got to the RV I’ve actually taken an Advil because my feet were sore.

Not from the walking, it was from the rocks under the leaves. With all the fallen leaves it’s impossible to know what you’re putting your foot on. So for the last three days I’ve come down on rocks and roots and just kept going – there’s no other option.

Today it seemed like the trails smoothed out. Not near as many roots and rocks and my feet felt so much better.

For a tiny bit, the trail followed this rock wall. Not as elegant as some, but still an awful lot of hard work went into it.

I came across this old shelter. It’s no longer a shelter that is kept up. The guide book tells you to keep going and there’s a better one a few miles down. It was interesting to me because it was so small. I bet at the most it could hold four people.

One other thing that I’ve been meaning to mention, that I always forget, is the green grass that peppers the trail every now and then in perfect rows beside the trail. I think the grass grows like this because of all the hiker poles that aerate the ground.

This fellow did not want to share the trail today. I came very close to stepping on him, but stopped when he reared up. It is a Blacksnake that’s non-poisonous, but their bites can hurt. They help keep the mice population down on the trail.

I crossed into Virginia and went through the town of Damascus. Service is incredibly spotty and where we’re going it’s going to get even worse so this might be the last blog for a while.

Happy Trails,

2 thoughts on “Day 121 – Into & Out of Demascus

  1. All your pictures are incredibly beautiful Janet!
    The snake would have freaked me out.
    Hope it’s not going to get to cold for you soon. Eat something once in a while ?

  2. 43 miles !!! Holy smoke! That is increditable! That is like walking from one town to another. You are unbelievable! That is amazing! If you ever ask me if I want to go on a walk with you I am going to have to give it a bunch of thoughtful consideration. Maybe if you had a little red wagon, I might consider it.

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