Day 116 – Feelin’ Like a Hiker Again

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first. – Shakespeare

Miles hiked 15.1

Fall is here! I started today at 8:45. We spent last night in a Walmart parking lot and boy did it rain. And the temperature has dropped. It was a brisk 53° when I started walking this morning. The high today is 56. The wind was blowing up a storm when I got out of the RV to start my hike. I threw on my fleeced buff and headed up the mountain.

The rocks along the trail here seem as old as time. They’re all covered with Lichen and are peppered throughout these mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

After hiking about 45 minutes the trail winds past a small hill that had a side trail up to the top. I took the side trail and at the top I came across this small monument that someone had carried up here.

What an absolutely beautiful remembrance of someone. It was only about 8 x 10″ and it was sitting loosely on top of the other rocks,  but it took a lot of effort to haul that stone up the mountain. Someone was well loved.

The next picture is showing you what the trail looks like from above. I was going down some switchbacks and with the leaves mostly on the ground you could see the trail.

I felt like I finally got my hiking legs back today. The up hills were easier and the down hills less hurtful. And I didn’t have to stop and rest today.

The next picture is from on top of the mound, a grassy meadow that I walked over.

To get to the meadow you have to pass through these gates. There’s no closure, I guess cows aren’t smart enough or limber enough to get through.

I wanted to show you all this next blaze. It used to be 3 inches wide by 6 inches tall. That is the size of all blazes on the Appalachian Trail. But this tree had grown and the bark had stretched and now the blaze looks like a square.

It was a good day to be on the trail. I finished early and then Hugh and I took a side trip to go see Black Dog Salvage.

2 thoughts on “Day 116 – Feelin’ Like a Hiker Again

  1. I haven’t been commenting very much, but I read about you guys every day. Either I am terribly lazy or I do not have much to write about. Not complaining because I am happy. My kids are the best in my opinion. Sounds like you don’t have a lot further to,go. I think that I will go to Houston for Christmas. They (Laura ) has been asking me to come to be with them. I will do that as they are missing their Mother. They have a huge shop now so I told them that I could sleep out in the shop and listen to, the coyotes. No way coyotes should be spelled with a C O. Whoever did our original language made a mess of it. Too bad I wasn’t around so they could have asked me. Well, I have just about exhausted all my rederick, so had better stop. Love you to the sun and back. I have to say, that little Violet is absolutely beautiful.

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