Day 115 – Blue Ridge Parkway 

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy. – John Denver

Miles hiked 14.3

Started off today around 8 o’clock once again. As you can tell by the picture above, sometimes the trail is not super apparent. This doesn’t happen often, but sometimes you really have to pay attention to the white blazes.

The trail today pretty much followed along the Blue Ridge Parkway. It came out at many of the overlooks on the parkway and then meandered through the woods.

It was great weather! And I was high enough that the clouds were below me for most of the day. So no walking through fog!

As you can see from the picture below, the parkway is sometimes very very close to the trail. That black stripe is the Blue Ridge Parkway.

I enjoy the trail more when it’s farther away from the road. I had a lot of climbs today, which were good for my legs. On this last part of my journey it seems like going downhill has become harder on my knees. I must be getting old.

The overlooks all had nice vistas, although there was a haze in the air. Tomorrow I will make it into Daleville which is just north of Roanoke. We’re going to take a zero and visit some sights together.

One of the places we want to go to is Black Dog Salvage.  On the DIY network they have a TV show called The Salvage Dogs. It’s a show that both Hugh and I enjoy. So we are looking forward to visiting their store.

One thought on “Day 115 – Blue Ridge Parkway 

  1. So much beauty you have seen. You’re very blessed in that regard. My wish for you is to remember most of it forever. It would be difficult to remember everything.
    Very happy for you!

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