Day 114 – Finally Great Weather 

“I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.”-Neil Armstrong

Miles hiked 15.4

The day started out with this most perfect view! We got a very very late start. I started hiking around 10:30 AM. It was nice to have a lay in. 

Hugh drop me off at the Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway where he had picked me up. Yesterday there was no view it was a cloud of white and today – just wow. I was above the clouds.

I headed south and with about two minutes of walking under my belt, I heard a dog barking. It was incessant barking. It almost sounded frantic. I was wondering if there was a hurt dog somewhere along the trail. 

And then I saw something coming toward me at a run. Lo and behold it was a bear! I stopped and the bear ran about 20 yards in front of me crossing the trail and then up the mountain away from the dog that was barking. I wish I would’ve had my camera out, bears can run!

After the excitement with the bear, it was on to the Guillotine. I love how the trail takes you through points like the Guillotine. It’s easy to see where it got its name.

Today I had sunshine all day long. It was a great day for a walk. There were not many views along the way today, but I did not care it was great weather.

Here is another example of a giant leaf. I’m pretty sure it’s in Oak leaf. They grow them big here in Virginia.

There’s not many people on the trail right now, at least not that I’ve come across. Today I passed two people headed north who were out for section hikes. The rest of the day, it was just me and my music.

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