Day 113 – More Fog

Sometimes we need the fog to remind ourselves that all of life is not black and white.  – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Miles hiked today 15.3

I started out this morning around 8 AM. I thought I was going to have a beautiful day-it did not stay beautiful for very long.

I crossed two bridges very early in my hike. The first was just a regular bridge we see all the time on the Appalachian Trail. The second was the famed James River Foot Bridge. It is the longest foot bridge on the Appalachian Trail. It crosses the James River.

I walked by some cool cliff rocks right after the bridge. I am always amazed at the number of things that grow out of the rocks. Back home we have a hard time getting grass to grow after we fertilize it, mow it and tend to it. But here on the trail things grow out of rocks-go figure.

About an hour into my hike the fog rolled in. With the fog came an off and on drizzle, that had me grabbing for my raincoat, then putting it away over and over again.

With the fogs came zero views. It makes for a long day when there’s nothing to look forward to when you’re climbing a mountain. I am definitely ready for some sunshine.

One other thing that has been tricky, are the leaves cover the rocks on the trail. There are many loose rocks under the leaves, so each foot placement can be dangerous.

I know this blog is not as uplifting as usual. But I’m sick and tired of the fog! Tomorrow the weatherman says it supposed to be partly cloudy. That means it’s also supposed to be partly sunny! I’m ready for some sunshine.

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