Day 112 – 8.5 hours of Walking

Miles hiked 20.8

I started around 8 AM this morning and headed South! The skies were clear and the temp was about 65-absolutely perfect hiking weather.

The biggest difference of hiking in the spring versus autumn is the falling leaves. I can honestly say they’ve made me jump a couple of times. They are absolutely beautiful to watch as they glide down to the earth.

I came across a point of interest that said the area I was walking through used to be home of freed slaves. I looked for remnants of their homes, but did not see any.

What I didn’t show you were bridges! I crossed two really cool bridges today. One was built by Boy Scouts. The other one was a suspension bridge. I always have fun crossing a suspension bridge because I like to play!

The weather was beautiful all morning long. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until noon that I started climbing. So I have no vistas to show you during the beautiful weather.

Right before I started climbing I crossed the Blue Ridge Parkway once again. Lo and behold a car pulled over and a hiker got out. It was Blackfoot! Blackfoot summitted the day before Timeless and I did. He took his mother up. We decided against summiting that day because the weather was so bad – so Blackfoot’s father gave us a ride back to where Hugh was located. It’s a small world on the Appalachian Trail.

Autumn is in full swing in Virginia right now. All the leaves are changing and it is a gorgeous place to be walking. Unfortunately for me the fog rolled in around noon. I did not get to see any of the vistas that were scheduled for this afternoon.

The fog had everything closed in.

One more thing I wanted to remark on was the size of the leaves that I am walking on. They are gigantic. I will take more pictures, but here is one that I came across. I felt like I was in Jurassic Park.

I did not take any pictures of most of the summits I went across today because it was just white fog. But this particular one had a cool tree and I liked the contrast of white and black.

Today was hard! I over did it! After sitting at home for a month I’m not in the shape that I thought I was in. So tomorrow I’m going to have an easier day.

Until then,

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