Day 109 – One More Day

“PATIENCE YOU MUST HAVE my young padawan” – Yoda

Miles hiked 1.6

I was supposed to summit today. I did not. When Timeless and I woke up and looked at the weather we had a decision to make. Did we want our last day on the Appalachian trail to be in bad weather with no view? Or did we want to wait a day when the weather was supposed to be better?

We decided to wait one more day.

After we made that decision we needed to get a hitch to get back to Hugh. We walked to the parking lot where people were dropping off hikers that we’re planning on still going up and ran into Blackfoot. Blackfoot was one of the hikers that Hugh fed hotdogs two on his trail magic day. There really is such a thing as karma on the trail. 

Blackfoot’ dad was dropping him off and he gave us a ride back to a point where we only had to hike 1.6 miles to where Hugh was camping with the RV. We arrived just in time because Hugh was packing up getting ready to head into town. 

This will be a nice break before summiting Katahdin. We will catch a shuttle at 6:30 in the morning that will take us to the trailhead. RVs are not allowed within the park.

Hopefully the next thing you’ll see from me is a summit picture.

3 thoughts on “Day 109 – One More Day

  1. Oh the anticipation I had today. I kept my phone near me so I would see the picture of you on Katahdin the minute you sent it. Alas I got nothing all day. I agree with you that it was a good call to wait a day. After 109 days what is one more.

    Enjoy tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to hear from you.

  2. Glad you’re waiting for better weather for a beautiful summit. And I hope that day is tomorrow. You’ll be well rested and ready. Hope you sleep tonight. 😉

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