Day 107 – Thirty Mile Marathon

Walk is a four-letter word. – Janet Ridgway 

Miles hiked today 30. There you go

Today our goal was 30 miles. That would leave 20 miles for tomorrow and we would be at the base of Katahdin. Hugh dropped us off back where he picked us up and we were off.

We thought we had landed in the Emerald City. With a path so wonderful that we knew 30 miles would be an easy trek.

We were carefree and happy, taking pictures to remember this wonderful trail.

We passed beautiful lakes/ponds. Some had beaches of sand, others of gravel.

And we were most surprised by this staircase. We could not believe someone had gone to all the trouble to put it there. We had to climb steeper and much more difficult banks than this one. Go figure!

We had to cross many streams but never got our shoes wet. There were always stones strategically place to get across.

We took very short breaks that day, but at one we met this little fellow. I think he knew a lot of hikers because he was not scared of us at all. I shared a Skittles with him.

About 10 miles into our 30 miles the trail changed. Our easy walk became a hard hike.  Foot placement became all important. There was no more looking around and gazing. It was watch where you walk. It was lift your knees high enough that you don’t trip. It was exhausting.

There were a couple of lighthearted moments. This is my stone throne. Queen of the Trail.

Then it was back to more slogging through the roots and the rocks. I have to say with the exception of about 15 miles Maine has been absolutely wonderful. But those 15 miles came on a 30 mile day!

I knew we were getting close to the camp we had chosen for the night when we passed the Cascades. They were wonderful but we didn’t stop for very long because the sun was going down.

We made it to the lake where we set up camp at 7:15 PM. The sun was setting and we put our tents up pretty much in the dark. It was a very, very long day, but I was excited that I put in 30 miles in one day.

Getting close,

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