Day 104 – The Chairback Mountains

Miles hiked 11.

Timeless had heard the best place to see a moose was at Cloud Pond Lean-to. We hiked farther yesterday just to reach it. We were up with the sun and took our breakfast down to the pond to watch for moose. It was a beautiful view, but alas….no moose.

Then it was time to start climbing. We had five peaks to climb before meeting Hugh. We were both glad to have pushed it yesterday so we did not have so far to go today. With all the PUDs yesterday and the peaks today we were tired.

Nevertheless the Maine forest was absolutely gorgeous. Sometimes you felt like you were walking in a Storybook Forest.

I love some the tops of mountains that don’t have views. It’s a different world there, where the ground is rock. It is amazing that trees grow up. I am always see trees growing right on top rock and it always shocks me that they are able to grab on and grow.

Maine is definitely on my favorite state list.

My mileage in the 100 mile wilderness is totally dependent on where I can meet Hugh. That is why today was so short. When we leave in the morning will have another 30 miles to go until we see him again. After that there’s 40 miles left at the hundred mile wilderness and then 10 more into Baxter State Park until you reach the campground at the bottom of Katahdin.

Baxter State Park does not allow RVs into the park. So Timeless and I will be camping at the bottom of Katahdin. We were extremely lucky! When we called in to reserve a campsite, we got one of the very last ones for that day.

Ready to take on the Whitecap Range!

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