Day 103 – PUDs

Good grief! РCharlie Brown 

Miles hiked 19.3

Today we entered the hundred mile wilderness. And we were not caring 10 days worth of food. As a matter of fact we each had three sandwiches, some crackers, pop tarts and lots of Snickers mini bars. Unlike most hikers we had Hugh meeting us on our second night.

We passed right off the start a beautiful lake. Maine is filled with lakes! All of them our picture perfect.

Main is filled with waterways. Each one beautiful. They have waterfalls, streams, ponds, lakes and rivers. What has amazed me has been the lack of insects bothering me. Only one day did I put on bug spray.

The reflection in this pond, my eye and I had to share.

When South-bounders were passing us they kept telling us about the Roots and rocks in Maine. Yes Maine does have roots and rocks but it’s no worse than anywhere else on the trail. I have found the roots to be very helpful in the state to be used as steps when going up and down mountains.

Sometimes here in Maine the trail is absolutely perfect. It’s a Wonderland a walk-through and a pleasure to walk on.

Other times it’s more challenging I’ve been that all in all Maine has been one of my favorite states.

We had a hard hiking day today because of all of the PUDs. That stands for pointless ups and downs. If you look at the elevation map you’ll see the first half of the hike was simply going up and down Little Hills. It takes it’s toll on you and makes you very tired.

The last part of the day was spent climbing a mountain. The shelter we were headed toward was at the top. We got beautiful vistas on the way up.

We wanted to reach Cloud Pond Lean-to. Timeless had heard it was the best place that gave you a chance of seen a moose.

It was a very tiring day. We got to the shelter around six.  Camp was set up a half an hour later and both of us were in our tents eating our sandwiches and asleep by 7:45 PM.

3 thoughts on “Day 103 – PUDs

  1. Sounds like you have had a couple of incredibly nice days. I cannot believe you are finally in the 100 mile wilderness. I do hope you have no problem meeting up with Hugh. Otherwise you might be a bit hungry. So excited for you for Friday. Hope you see in moose.

    Stay safe.

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