Day 101 – A Short Walk

I’m walking here! I’m walking here! – Dustin Hoffman Midnight Cowboy

Miles hike today 13.2

Today was a short walk because of the meeting place. Some days the roads determine where we start and stop this was one of them.

In the morning we had a nice climb and had some great views.  The weather cooperated and we had clear skies.

I tend to really love the top part of Mountains as they have the rock faces that you climb and walk across once you are up there. I have to give the main Appalachian Trail clubs kudos for how well marked the trail in Maine has been.

You never have to look very far to find a white blaze it has been so refreshing after walking through New Hampshire where there were none.

After our climb it was just a walk in the woods. And to be honest the words were not that interesting today. There was nothing that really stood out.

I did have some fun walking across planks and hopping over stones-I kept my feet dry all day.

I had to stop and get a picture taken by this big tree that had come down. Just to show you they grow them big here in Maine.

The last part of the trail was pine forest that almost look like the trees were dead but if you looked up they were not. The greenery was all at the top.

After we met Hugh we then drove into Monson Maine because we were told we had to register for the hundred mile wilderness. That ended up being untrue. But we did make our reservations for the campground at Katahdin steam campground. We were lucky all tent sites had already been taken and there was only a lean-to left, we booked that.

We were excited that meant we did not even have to carry our tents just our sleeping bags and air mattresses. We booked the site for the 31st and we will summit on September 1st.

Getting close to Katahdin,

7 thoughts on “Day 101 – A Short Walk

  1. So beautiful! What a great “fairytale” to fall asleep with! You are acquiring a wealth that can never be matched! Thank you for sharing!

  2. What a wonderful couple of days you have had. I cannot believe that one week from today you will be at Katahdin. Only 135 miles to go. Sounds like there will be some long days of close to 20 miles per day coming up.

    Will Hugh be able to get to the campground and park? I assume not since you will be carrying your sleeping bag.

    It is great that Timeless will be summiting Katahdin with you. How fun to share that moment with someone who is on the same journey.

    Continued safe travels.

  3. You summit in just a week! That is truly so exciting. I have to say, I think Maine might be the most beautiful state you’ve passed through IMO.

    You are doing so great! Katahdin is near!

  4. Well, I wrote a really big paragraph and the screen changed and when I got it back, every thing was gone!
    I will not rewrite it now. Maybe tomorrow I will try again. I,wish there was a way to “save”‘ a page.
    So I guises that’s it for now. Luv U Guys……….(Really love)

  5. I FOUND IT!……….quite accidentally………

    Hi to both of you. Jani, I can’t believe that you are getting so near to the end of your hike. It is just amazing that you can do this! If you had been able to do this earlier in your life, perhaps I could have hiked with you.
    We used to have so much fun exploring Colorado together. However, I still remember all the good times we had together and I truly thank God for them. After Maine, where do you go? I should look at a map but it is better for me to stay put rather than skipping around from here to there.

    What a great idea the RV was! That idea might catch on and other people try it. Then people will say, ” we got this idea from Girl on Fire and Hugh. Hugh needs a trail name. How about Hubster? You and Timeless are enjoying each other and I am so,glad you are not hiking alone!

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