Day 1 – And She’s Off!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. -Lao-tzu

Miles walked today – 2 miles on road to Springer Mountain, a mile up to the top of Springer Mountain once I got to the parking lot. Appalachian Trail miles 8.1. 

Woke up and headed to Springer Mountian the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.  There was a pretty big storm last night and as we drove up to Springer Mountain parking there were trees covering the road. We were fortunate that we were behind three trucks. All three were headed to a campsite 7 miles from Springer Mountain. Brock, Chuck and Patrick-three of the best good ol’ boys you could hope to meet all had chainsaws and cleared the road for us almost the entire way. 

Chuck is a retired sheriff and chief of police.  Hubster and Chuck talked about being retired. Chuck says his favorite time of month is the first. He sits and watches his mailbox where his five checks are delivered. He was a hoot! 

Chuck and the boys turned off to their campground and we continued on. A half mile down the road a tree was over the road. It was still 6 1/2 miles to Springer but there was nothing to do but get out and walk. Said goodbye to the Hubster and started the long walk up. I walked 2 miles….

Then some trail magic happened! Chad and his three girls (Morgan Amaya and Jaelyn) were coming down the road from Springer Mountain parking lot he couldn’t get through so he turned around and picked me up on his way back and gave me a ride to Springer. Thank you so so much Chad!

When I got to Springer parking lot I hiked the 1 mile up to Springer Mountain where the southern terminus is I was finally ready to begin my hike.

I cruised! I think I passed 18 people on the trail – no one passed me. Everyone was nice and pretty much everyone is headed for the shelter. 

Got to the shelter and set up my tent and had some lunch. I did not realize how hungry I was.  We got up this morning and just started up the mountain. Neither of us felt like breakfast. So I enjoy three packets of peanut butter crackers and some Oreos. 

Then it was time to visit the privy! There are no words… Literally there are no words. 

I would’ve taken a picture of the inside but it was truly too gross to put up on the Blog. Do you see the open screened in area down below? That is poop! It falls directly from the hole to the ground. Digging a hole in the woods is looking pretty good right now. 

It is now 3 o’clock. I know I stopped early today but everyone says not to go too far your first week so I’m trying to heed what the experts have told me. This was my plan destination so even though I got here early I stopped. Got this blog done so now I guess I should go socialize a little bit. Or I could just curl up in my tent and read. 

Enjoying life on the trail. 

5 thoughts on “Day 1 – And She’s Off!

  1. You hike just like you drive – never letting yourself get passed! Downed trees and privies aside it sounds like a great start to your journey.

  2. What a great first day! The tree in the road would have stopped me and if for some reason it didn’t, the privy definitely would have!! Happy for you, for meeting your goal – destination! I know you’re gonna be a rock star hiker!! Can’t wait to read your Blog everyday! My new favorite book (blog)!!
    Love you, Janet! Xoxo

  3. Get it girl! I love your blog. Thanks for posting. My dad just retired on Friday and is hitting the trail Tuesday. Love seeing your posts to get an idea of what he’ll be going through. If you run into a tall lean guy that goes by J2, tell him his daughter says hi! Keep hiking the good hike 🙂

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