And They’re Off!

In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With –  Charles Schulz

The gas tank is full, the refrigerator stocked, the tanks that are supposed to be full are filled and the ones that need to be empty are emptied – we are on the road headed to the Appalachian Trail.

This is going to be interesting! We have planned, and planned, and planned, now we have to see if it all works out. We have an Excel spreadsheet that tells us where we are going to meet each day-now we just have to see if our calculations are correct.

We have both dogs-Livy and Dodger-with us. Livy is an excellent travel dog. On the other hand Dodger is not. Our hope is that he will get use to it very soon. As I’m writing this he has finally curled up and went to sleep beside me.

We will reach Waynesboro, Virginia Thursday . Hopefully we will meet up with some of my trail friends there – that is the plan.

We drove late into the night and stopped at a rest stop at 11 PM. We both conked out within  minutes.

We are meeting my trail friends Mark and Linda at 11 AM. The journey is about to get real!

One thought on “And They’re Off!

  1. Sounds like life is good! I think it is wonderful that you have Hugh’s support and love with you! Enjoy and be safe!

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