100 Things About Me

  1. I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail – over 2000 miles – in 2017.
  2. I sit at my computer with my feet in the chair and knees scrunched up to my chest.
  3. I drink too much Diet Pepsi – whatever amount you are thinking – double it.
  4. I actually owned 8-track tapes long ago.
  5. I have one daughter.
  6. Since I have been married we have moved 12 times.
  7. I am a fierce competitor.
  8. I do not lie.
  9. I can not hold a tune – when I am driving I turn the music up loud so I can’t hear myself sing.
  10. I have climbed four “14ers” – Mountains in Colorado over 14,000 feet.
  11. Two drinks and I am loopy!
  12. I believe I am a better driver than 98% of people on the road.
  13. I have skydived.
  14. My father died when I was 30 and I still miss him.
  15. I hate vacuuming.
  16. When I first got married I had to call my mother and ask how long do you boil an egg for it to be hard boiled.
  17. I love to dance – my husband does not.
  18. I hate June bugs.
  19. I have one grandchild.
  20. I was always the “good” child.
  21. I am always punctual.
  22. I am a better “handyman” than my husband.
  23. I love, respect, and honor my Mother.
  24. I can not whistle.
  25. I have been hot-air ballooning.
  26. My husband thinks I’m sexy.
  27. Hot Flashes are “normal” now.
  28. I have 2 speeds – full out or a dead stop – no in between.
  29. I think Valentines Day is the dumbest holiday.
  30. I live in Kansas.
  31. My husband won a trip to Singapore and Bali. We stayed at the Ritz and while lying at the pool a hotel employee came around and spritzed me with Evian.
  32. I saw Yule Brynner perform the King and I on stage.
  33. On our first big date – I finished my soon to be husband’s meal.
  34. I did not go to my Junior or Senior Prom.
  35. I hate being cold.
  36. Early in our marriage – Pizza Hut sent us a Christmas card because we were such good customers.
  37. I am a poker junky.
  38. If you look at my wedding pictures – you would see I still had braces.
  39. We called my grandmother – “Grannie.”
  40. I have two Yorkie Pups.
  41. I have seen 28 Broadway musicals.
  42. I climbed Independence Monument. A free standing tower of soft, red sandstone whose summit is 45 stories above the floor of the canyon.
  43. I love games: scrabble, charades, poker…you name it – I’ll play it.
  44. I get angrier with people who are mean to others then I do than I do when they are mean to me.
  45. The person in the mirror looks older than I feel.
  46. I think “patience” is over-rated and only slows things down.
  47. I have rafted down class five rapids – and enjoyed every second of it.
  48. I can’t keep my mouth shut when my husband drives. Truly – I have tried.
  49. I respect my husband more than anyone else I know.
  50. My husband is the smartest person I know.
  51. My husband is a lousy driver.
  52. I mix my fried eggs and hash browns together.
  53. I hate to shop.
  54. I take hour long baths.
  55. Best compliment I ever got was when my daughter said, “I want what you and Dad have together.”
  56. I think most parents don’t discipline their children enough.
  57. I have been married 33 years.
  58. I always believed I would grow old gracefully – now I believe that is bullshit – I will fight it every step of the way.
  59. I think you can learn something from everyone.
  60. I read the poem Deserata when I was 13 and loved it – at 55 still think it is wonderful.
  61. I’m a Survivor Junky…I can’t help myself.
  62. I do not watch ANY live TV. DVR Rule!
  63. I dream in color.
  64. I love musicals – especial old ones: Unsinkable Molly Brown, 1776, 7 Brides, Sweet Charity, the list goes on.
  65. I am very ticklish.
  66. Leaving our husbands behind – my Mother and I visited Italy and Paris 1992 – I will always treasure the memories of our trip together.
  67. I drive a Ford Escape.
  68. I have never watched the movie Titanic.
  69. I like to make sand castles – I am pitiful at it – but still enjoy it.
  70. I want to learn how to surf.
  71. I love the TV show Alone.
  72. We hosted an Italian exchange student for 9 months.
  73. One summer during college I worked road construction.
  74. I love talking to strangers. You learn such interesting things.
  75. My husband is ten years older then me.
  76. My first computer had an 80286 processor, 256k of RAM and a 1.2MB floppy disk drive – it operated on DOS.
  77. I now have a desktop with two screens, iPad and iPhone! Things have changed!
  78. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are still yummy.
  79. I value human life over animal life.
  80. I think the best place to look for God is in nature, not a book.
  81. I often wear my hair in a pony tail.
  82. I don’t understand why people take their children to Vegas with them.
  83. My Christmas stocking is 55 years old.
  84. I love to read.
  85. I once helped put a toilet on a neighbor’s roof as a practical joke.
  86. I love photography.
  87. I crochet afghans every now and then for special people.
  88. I have the cutest grandchild EVER.
  89. I am the “go to person” in my family.
  90. My mother loves me best. (Of course my siblings think she loves them best.)
  91. I fell in love to James Taylor – and when one of his songs comes on the radio when we are in the car – my husband still reaches for my hand and squeezes it.
  92. I tried snails for the first time in 2005 – they were ok.
  93. Bungee jumping is not a fun as it looks. It gave me a headache.
  94. Golf is the hardest sport I have ever played.
  95. I once had a boil on my face – I named it Bertha. It was huge!
  96. I still think go-carts are fun.
  97. My daughter is a beautiful person – inside and out.
  98. Literally never having owned a needle – I bought a sewing machine, read a book and made drapes. They came out great!
  99. I think “prolonging life” has been taken to the extreme.
  100. I am going to hike the Appalachian trail.

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